Tie-dyed pillowcase / Indigo
Tie-dyed pillowcase / Indigo
Tie-dyed pillowcase / Indigo

Tie-dyed pillowcase / Indigo

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Linen pillowcases, tie-dyed with indigo. Linen bow-tie closure on the side.
The cases come without a pillow insert.

The pillowcases were dyed in an organic indigo vat, made with indigo powder, fructose and lime. Indigo pigment extracted from plants is not soluble in water. In order to dissolve, it has to be reduced (oxygen has to be removed from the dye vat by adding sugar) and the pH needs to be shifted to 9-11pH (with lime). The reduced vat is yellow, not blue. The dissolved dye attaches then to the fibres under the surface of the liquid. When taken out and exposed to oxygen, it turns blue again and bonds with the fibers. The dye is permanent, light- and washfast, when kept away from the direct sun exposure.

All materials are natural. By choosing this product you support not only a small independent business but also the environment. 

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm (23,5 x 23,5 inch) 
Fabric: Unbleached linen
Dyed: Indigo

Because of the nature of the hand-dyeing and stamping process, these are unique pieces, each one slightly different than another. 

Washing by hand in lukewarm water.


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