Dye Garden Starter Kit / 7 plant seeds + eBook
Dye Garden Starter Kit / 7 plant seeds + eBook
Dye Garden Starter Kit / 7 plant seeds + eBook

Dye Garden Starter Kit / 7 plant seeds + eBook

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Dye Garden Starter Kit
(7 dye plants seeds & an eBook)

Together with the seeds, you will receive a digital Project Manual (pdf).
All EU-based buyers can get this set without any restrictions.
Other countries: Please make sure before ordering, that all the plants can survive in your climate zone and that the laws of your country allow import of seeds! I'm not responsible for decisions of your local customs office.

If you can't import the seeds, you can still order my Digital Project Manual

This set consists of 7 popular dye plant seeds and a digital Project Manual. You will be getting seeds via a letter, and you'll receive an eBook via email, in which you will find following info:

- Requirements for the seeds to germinate and grow
- Cultivation tips
- Harvesting tips
- Recipes for extracting pigments from plants.

This set consists of 7 types of seeds to grow popular dye plants with a great dyeing potential (hardiness zone info in brackets). Most of them need a sunny spot in order to grow. Sun-facing balcony, a small community patch or guerilla seeding in the wild could be ideas for growers with no garden. Following plants are included in the set:

- Chamomile (3-7)
- Weld (5-9)
- Coreopsis (6-9)
- Marigold (6-9)
- Madder (5-9)
- Hollyhock (3-9)
- Woad (6-9)

All plants can survive in hardiness zones 6-7, most of them tolerate zones 6-9. Please check your climate zone before ordering to avoid disappointment.

This set of plants can get you a full rainbow of colours after dyeing and over-dyeing fabrics.

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